What Sex Toys are Made Of

What Sex Toys are Made Of

Sex toys are made from a variety of different materials but when you buy them in the store there are generally a handful of materials that are being used.  High quality sex toys are made from the best materials but you should know what your toys are made of so you know how to clean and look after them.  Here are the materials toys are generally made of.


Silicone toys are generally your best option, they are non-porous and they can be easily disinfected.  These toys retain heat and they will warm up against your body, they are durable so they will last for years.  Silicone can withstand high temperatures so for many of the toys you can boil them as long as there are no electronics inside.  Cleaning them is as easy as using soap and water and you can use alcohol or bleach to disinfect.  They are hypo allergenic so almost anyone can use them, but always make sure that you use water based personal lubricants.


Jelly toys are fairly common but they aren’t as good as silicon.  Jelly is a soft material that is also porous so you won’t be able to disinfect them.  Never share jelly toys unless you use them with a condom.  Jelly toys are cheaper than silicone and they aren’t as smooth.  When using these toys always use a water based lubricant.  Clean your toys with soap and water and then put them somewhere cool to dry.  Be careful of reaction people can have allergies to jelly toys.


There are tons of plastic toys and plastic is incredibly easy to keep clean.  Like silicone plastic is non-porous so you easily boil or disinfect it as long as there is no motor inside.  However plastic toys are hard, cold and have zero flexibility so they are not the ideal material for many toys.


These toys are made of a material that is meant to emulate the feel of skin.  This is what sex dolls are made from.  Cyberskin is a porous material so you cannot disinfect them like you can silicone so no sharing without condoms.  They are great for people who want a toy that is more like the real thing or if you’re new to sex toys.  While it is more durable than latex you still need to treat these toys with care.

These are the most common sex toy materials, always follow the manufacturer’s advice when it comes to cleaning and caring for your toys so you can enjoy them for years to come.