How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Partner

How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Partner

For many couples talking about sex can be uncomfortable regardless of how long you have been together.  The longer you have been together the more you settle into a routine, you eat at the same time every day, each person has their own chores around the house and you have sex the same way.  It can all become pretty boring and tedious.  If you want to spice up your sex life then toys are a harmless and fun way to do just that.  But how to introduce sex toys to your partner can be a pretty intimidating conversation, it is a sensitive subject.

Communication is Key

Just like any aspect of your relationship open and honest communication is a must.  Pick a time when you are both relaxed and you won’t have interruptions.  Start by asking your partner how they feel about the idea of sex toys, you can also share your opinion on them at the same time.  If they are open to the idea that sex toys can bring pleasure to both of you then you are half way there.  You need to articulate to your partner why you think sex toys would be a good idea and how they can help bring the passion back.  Here is some help introducing the conversation.

Shopping for the First Toy

You have a ton of options for choosing your first sex toy.  You can start with something pretty low key like just some massage oils or even a blindfold.  Trying sex toys in the bedroom doesn’t mean you have to go shopping for the kinkiest toys that you can find.  Start out with something that makes both of you feel comfortable and you can work your way up from there.

First time toys can include massage oils that heat up, you can give each other sensual massages.  There are also lubricants that heat up and increase sensation increasing the pleasure for both of you.  There are toys made just for him like cock rings as well as vibrators just for women.  Sex toys aren’t a replacement for your partner they are just something that you can enjoy together, no one needs to feel threatened by them.

Sex toys can do a lot to bring passion back into your sex life and good sex makes for a better relationship overall.  Start by communicating with your partner, they may be far more receptive than you think to the idea of sex toys.